Welcome to The Playing Space. We are a drama company based in Southgate, in North London. We teach speech and drama to children, young adults and adults.

We run daytime and after-school classes at our lovely purpose-built studio in Southgate. Our drama studio page has lots more information, including a location map.

We are currently running all our drama classes online – find out more on our news page.

Classes taught by The Playing Space

  • are enormous fun
  • improve communication skills
  • boost self-confidence
  • promote team-work
  • provide a happy and supportive environment in which to let the imagination run free
  • give training in vocal and physical expression and stagecraft
  • foster an appreciation of poems, prose and drama
  • are limited in size so that every student gets individual attention
  • continually measure progress and development

Our classes involve a wide range of speech and drama activities. We play acting games and improvise our own scenes. We work with published texts – drama, verse and prose. We also devise and write our own stories and scenes. We do tongue-twisters, breathing exercises and physical games. We mime, learn lines and read at sight.

Our children’s syllabus begins at the Introductory level, with classes for children as young as four (Reception). Students progress through the Foundation and Intermediate levels to Advanced (which they complete at around seventeen/Year 12). Click here for more information about our syllabus.

In classes run by The Playing Space, students can express and share their ideas freely and fearlessly. For some, improving self-confidence and developing communication skills is an end in itself. Others are enthusiastic actors, keen to pick up knowledge and techniques that they can apply in live performance.

From the young beginner practising a poem about a giant to the advanced student preparing a scene from Shakespeare, students at The Playing Space all learn in different ways and at varying levels of complexity how to use the voice and body to tell a story.