The Playing Space has now published three books:
Scenes from The Classics: The Jungle Book
Poetry for Performance: An Anthology for Speech and Drama Teachers
Acting Exams: A Teacher’s Guide

Scenes from the Classics: The Jungle Book

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This collection of brand new monologues, duologues and scenes is aimed at teachers of speech and drama, as well as primary school teachers and stage schools. All the material in this collection is based on Kipling’s The Jungle Book – which means that your group of children can study the story together, and work on a group presentation, before selecting a solo or duologue piece to perform for a speech and drama exam or a drama festival.

As well as the scripts, this book also contains a large number of games and exercises covering movement, communication and imagination. This easy-to-use volume is all you need to plan and teach a course of classes themed around The Jungle Book.

Poetry for Performance

An Anthology for Speech and Drama Teachers

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This collection of previously unpublished poems is aimed at teachers of Speech and Drama, as well as parents and children who enjoy reading poetry out loud. We have selected the poems especially because they are ideal for performance.

The poems are conveniently divided into age groups (poems for 6–10-year-olds, poems for 10–14-year-olds, poems for performers aged 14 and over) and are perfect for speech and drama exams, festivals and verse speaking competitions, as well as for classroom study.

This anthology also contains a selection of modern sonnets – ideal for LAMDA Grade 7 Verse and Prose exams. With a wide range of styles and subject matter, Poetry For Performance offers something for everyone.

Acting Exams: A Teacher’s Guide

Games and exercises for teachers preparing students for LAMDA exams


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This book accompanies the LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 3, which contains all of the scenes that were set for LAMDA Acting exams at Grades 1–5 from 2014–2019. Many teachers will now want to use these set scenes as own-choice pieces for LAMDA Exams or for festival performances or auditions, and this book will be an invaluable resource in the teaching and rehearsal room.

For each Level 1 (Grades 1–3) solo scene and duologue scene, this book provides a two-page chapter of teaching ideas. These ideas include group and solo work and range from voice and movement exercises, character studies, improvisations and themed games to research tasks, creative writing and art projects.

This book also covers essential acting skills and contains a wealth of general advice on teaching drama to children. As such, it will be of huge value to any teacher, not only those whose students will be working on one of the set scenes it covers.

This volume of Acting Exams: A Teacher’s Guide provides resources for teachers preparing students to perform one of the Level 1 (Grades 1–3) set pieces from the LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 3 (2014–2019). Kerry Woods (consultant editor) is a teacher, performer, writer and examiner.

Please note that from September 2019, a new LAMDA Acting Anthology (Volume 4) contains the set scenes for LAMDA Acting Exams, Grades 1–5.

This publication is not affiliated with or endorsed by The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

We have prepared a range of resources and materials which support the teaching ideas covered in the book. These materials include:

  • for scenes in the Acting Anthology adapted from novels that are no longer in copyright, original source texts
  • worksheets and handouts for use in class
  • ideas for exercises and games
  • links to useful web sites

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relevant supporting material is available here:

Acting Exams: A Teacher’s Guide, Volume 1 – Online Resources Page