Learn Through Drama (Primary Curricular)

The Playing Space offers primary schools fresh and exciting one-off workshops linked to curriculum topics at Foundation, KS1 and KS2. Learn Through Drama workshops enliven learning in a way which supports regular teaching and enhances the ability of all your pupils to grasp and retain core knowledge.

Learn Through Drama Workshops are structured broadly as follows:

  • Discover through Movement
    Working individually and in groups, students play enjoyable and engaging physical games and exercises. These games enable them to explore the topic in three dimensions at the same time as developing self-awareness and team-work.
  • Discover through Voice
    Students play word games and practise tongue-twisters and short poems. These exercises enable students to learn and rehearse key vocabulary and conceptual content of the topic at the same time as developing self-expression and listening skills.
  • Discover through Stories
    The students listen to a captivating story told by the teacher. This story then acts as a springboard for improvisation, tableaux, spotlighting, hot- seating, and a range of other drama activities. Students explore the topic in depth at the same time as exercising their imagination.

Learn Through Drama workshops support pupils’ development in literacy and greatly encourage creative thinking and behaviour. The National Curriculum emphasises the importance of promoting creativity and among young learners:

“Pupils who are encouraged to think creatively and independently become more interested in discovering things for themselves… more open to new ideas… keen to work with others to explore ideas… willing to work beyond lesson time when pursuing an idea or vision… As a result, their pace of learning, levels of achievement and self-esteem increase.”

Our workshops link with English, Science, History, Geography and PSHE. We also provide workshops for special celebrations, such as World Book Day and Black History Month. The Playing Space tailors workshops to suit the particular needs of different schools. If you let us know what topic you want to cover, we will devise a drama workshop to bring the topic to life and inspire your pupils.

All Playing Space teachers are highly experienced and trained in working inclusively with groups of children. We will ensure that every child is involved in the work at hand. Some of our teachers can use British Sign Language. All are CRB-checked and trained in First Aid.