After-School Classes in Southgate, Palmers Green and Crouch End

The Playing Space runs weekly after-school drama classes at three venues in North London:

Students are grouped into four levels, according to age:

Introductory: ages 4–6   maximum group size: 10

Foundation: ages 7–9   maximum group size: 8

Intermediate: ages 10–13   maximum group size: 6

Advanced: ages 14+   maximum group size: 4

The Playing Space matches Enfield term dates. There are no classes during half-term breaks or school holidays. However, The Playing Space also runs a range of exciting holiday workshops.

Our current timetable (Spring 2017) is as follows:

STUDIOIntermediate Advanced PerformanceIntermediate Advanced Communications
BASKIntermediate (4pm)Intermediate (5.05pm)
STUDIOFoundationIntermediateIntermediateAdvanced Performance
BASKIntroductory (4pm)Intermediate 1 (5.05pm)
BOURNEIntroductory (4.15pm)Foundation (5.20pm)
PROJ MEIntroductory (4pm)Intermediate (5pm)
STUDIOFoundationAdvanced PerformanceIntermediate Advanced Performance
BASKIntroductory (4pm)Foundation (5.05pm)
STUDIOFoundationIntermediate Advanced
Advanced Performance
BASKIntroductory (4pm)Intermediate
STUDIOIntermediate Intermediate Adult ActingAdvanced Performance
BASKIntroductory (4pm)Foundation (5.05pm)
BOURNEIntermediate (4.15pm)
Intermediate (4.15pm)
Intermediate (5.20pm)
Adv Communications (5.20pm)
Adv Performance (6.25pm)
Young Professionals (6.25pm)

2–3PM3.05–4.05PM4.10–5.10PM5.15 - 6.15PM
Intermediate IntroductoryFoundationAdvanced Performance

To enquire about spaces in any of our classes, please contact us.

A typical fun-filled class will consist of:

  • an opening game
  • a warm-up and a few stretches
  • a physical performance activity
  • breathing and voice exercises
  • a language skill
  • work on a key vocal or physical stage technique OR rehearsal

At higher levels, classes also have a theoretical element. Discussions and brief written exercises might cover the following areas:

  • chararacter and objective
  • context and subtext
  • style and period
  • theatre history
  • the classical canon
  • acting theory

For more information about the skills, techniques and knowledge covered at each level, please have a look at our syllabus.

Every spring The Playing Space enters students in the North London Festival of Music, Drama and Dance. Our students enter at all levels and in a wide range of categories, including verse speaking, prose reading, individual and group acting, improvisation, and sight reading. Although there is a competitive element to the festival, we emphasise the fun of taking part and the unique thrill of performing in front of an audience.

In December each of our students takes a LAMDA Exam. These examinations, awarded by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, are the speech/acting equivalent of music grades. The Playing Space operates as a private LAMDA Exams centre. This means that a LAMDA examiner spends two days at our studio.