Home-Educated Children (Daytime Classes)

The Playing Space is not currently running daytime classes for home-educated children. Home educated children are of course welcome to join our regular afternoon/weekend classes!

If you would like to set up a drama class for your child and their friends during the day then please get in touch.

Your child will not get lost in our class! We teach in small groups, so that everyone gets close individual attention. We nurture a warm, supportive atmosphere in which children are free to express their ideas and are encouraged to listen to others. For children who have limited or negative experiences of a conventional school setting, our classes offer a perfect opportunity for creative teamwork without fear of judgement or failure.

A typical fun-filled class will consist of:

  • an opening game
  • a warm-up and a few stretches
  • a physical performance activity
  • breathing and voice exercises
  • a language skill
  • work on a key vocal or physical stage technique OR rehearsal

At higher levels, classes also have a theoretical element. Discussions and brief written exercises might cover the following areas:

  • chararacter and objective
  • context and subtext
  • style and period
  • theatre history
  • the classical canon
  • acting theory

Twice a year our students prepare a performance. In December every student has the opportunity to take a LAMDA exam at our studio. In March we prepare scenes for our Festival of Speech and Drama. Some students/groups also choose to enter the North London Festival of Music and Drama in April/May.