Teacher Training: Preparing Students for LAMDA Exams

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are currently running all our Teacher Training sessions online. Please email us to book a session.

The Playing Space now offers several training workshops for teachers who want to prepare students for LAMDA Exams. We have courses to suit new and experienced drama teachers. We cater for teachers who have no idea what LAMDA Exams are, as well as those already preparing students for LAMDA Exams. Here’s where you can find details of our upcoming courses.

Whatever your level of experience, a training session at The Playing Space will provide valuable insights into the syllabus, useful business advice and plenty of teaching tips. Our courses also offer a great opportunity for teachers working in different parts of the country to come together and share ideas, experiences, and insights about preparing students for LAMDA Exams.

Here are just a few of the comments made by those who attended our most recent courses:

“I wanted to thank and congratulate you on the excellent training day. You are doing incredible things in a very beautiful setting. It was so interesting and reassuring meeting you and the other teachers. The baffled soul I was when I began all this is feeling a lot better!”

“Thanks so much – I really found the workshop inspirational. Another great day and I look forward to more.”

“An excellent afternoon! The session was really informative, clearly presented and covered all aspects required to start teaching the LAMDA Exams syllabus. I left feeling inspired and confident that I now have the knowledge I need to start up my own classes.”

“The course was very, very good value for money and I would definitely attend any others that you offer.”

“The enjoyment, confidence and knowledge has come flooding back… it’s given me loads of ideas for my drama clubs. You are one of the best Drama Teachers I have met (and I have observed many over my 11 years of inspections!) and the very best Teacher Trainer. It’s been a real privilege learning from you.”