Teacher Training: Upcoming Courses

All courses take place at The Playing Space, Southgate, London N14 7DB, in our lovely drama studio. You can reserve a place by filling in our online reservation form.

Autumn 2019 Courses

Sunday 3 November 2019Introduction to Teaching for LAMDA Exams
Sunday 17 November 2019LAMDA Acting and Devising Exams

Course timetable

10am–12.30pm: Morning session

12.30–1.30pm: Lunch

1.30–3.30pm: Afternoon session

Doors are open from 9.30am, when tea, coffee and refreshments will be served; and until 4pm, for those who have further questions or want to browse our materials and resources.


Single course: £105

This price includes refreshments and lunch, a certificate of training and a resource pack.

Introduction to Teaching for LAMDA Exams

Sunday 3 November 2019 • 10am–3.30pm    BOOK HERE

Our Introduction to Teaching for LAMDA Exams offers helpful advice about setting up a small drama teaching business. We will cover the whole process of entering students for LAMDA exams. We will also break down and simplify the LAMDA exams syllabus, which can be difficult to decipher. For this course we will be referring to the BRAND NEW syllabus that will be used to assess LAMDA exams from 1st August 2019 until 31st July 2024. The course is ideal for teachers who are new to teaching for LAMDA exams.

The workshop covers the following areas:

Preparing students for LAMDA exams

  • An overview of the levels, grades and subject areas
  • Precisely what needs to be prepared for each subject and grade
  • Deciding which exams to enter your students for
  • How much preparation time to allow each student


  • How to get yourself DBS-checked
  • How to get yourself insured
  • How to get yourself trained in First Aid
  • How many children to have in a group and how much to charge
  • How to set yourself up as a Private LAMDA Centre

LAMDA Acting and Devising Exams

Sunday 17 November 2019 • 10am–3.30pm    BOOK HERE

This course focuses on the following LAMDA exams:

  • Acting (Solo, Duologue and Combined)
  • Devising Drama (Solo and Duologue)

The course is intended for those who already have experience of preparing students for LAMDA exams or who have already attended our Introduction to LAMDA Exams.

The workshop covers the following areas:

  • A close look at some of the Acting set pieces
  • How to find own-choice pieces
  • Suggestions for warm-up games and exercises to help students create and inhabit characters
  • Exercises to improve students’ technique and stagecraft
  • How to get started with Devising Drama exams
  • Classroom exercises to build devising skills
  • Advice on structuring a devised scene