The Playing Space has fun at the North London Festival of Speech and Drama!

We are super proud of all our students who took part in the North London Festival this weekend. The standard at the festival is so high, and it can be really daunting to get on stage and show everyone the results of all their efforts! Our students gave an excellent account of themselves, and if they were nervous it didn’t show. We don’t worry too much about getting placed at the festival – as always it’s the taking part that counts – and we are equally proud of all our students! But we would like to give a special mention to these students who won prizes:

Verse-speaking 7-8 yrs: Mia Constantinou 1st; Yashika Krishna Rao 3rd
Verse-speaking 9-10yrs: Shasmeen Ahmed 1st
Public Speaking 11-12 yrs: Jasraj Karthi 2nd
Public speaking 13-14 yrs: Aadi Goel 2nd
Sight-Reading 9-10 yrs: Shasmeen Ahmed 1st

Solo Modern Acting 7-8 yrs: Olivia Anastasiades 1st; Eliz Ozer 2nd; Leisha Karthi 3rd
Solo Modern Acting 9-10 yrs: Hannah Kamel 3rd
Solo Modern Acting 13-14 yrs: Ruby Currie 3rd
Solo Modern Acting 15-17 yrs: Shayaan Ahmed 2nd; Oscar Maddocks 3rd
Acted Scene 13-17 yrs: Rosie Telling and Yalie Hill 2nd
Group Acting 10-12 yrs: TPS intermediate actors (Wizard of Wobbling Rock) 1st
Group Acting 13+ yrs: TPS advaced actors (Step by Step) 1st – WINNERS OF THE STARLIGHT SHIELD!

If you want to find out more about the festival then have a look at their website here.

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