Seminar: Grade 8 Acting Knowledge (Stanislavski)

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A seminar focusing on how to effectively teach the LAMDA Grade 8 Acting Exam Knowledge Section.

About this Event

We will focus on these questions:

  • Give an explanation of the processes involved in developing the three characters for performance.
  • Give a summary of the selected practitioner’s key principles in the process of acting.
  • Give a summary of the selected practitioner’s influence on the process of acting.
    (NB We will be using Stanislavski as our practitioner. Depending on time there will be a brief summary of the other practitioners.)

Please note that the other Grade 8 Question (on the character’s role within the context of the play) was covered in the Grade 6 Acting Knowledge Seminar.

The seminar will cover how to prepare model answers for all these questions, and there will also be time to share ideas for processes for developing characters for performance and ask questions.


“I just wanted to say thank you – you are so incredibly easy to listen to and knowledgeable! And even after teaching LAMDA for 8 years it has really given me some great things to think about.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your extremely informative and insightful seminar via zoom this morning. If you want any feedback, I have only glowing praise to offer you; I felt you were really personable and communicated everything clearly and concisely.”

“I found the course concise, informative and very clear. I used the recording as I couldn’t be online at the time of the session. I have now watched the recording and followed the powerpoint and found it all very helpful.”

“Excellently run course – subject matter and delivery couldn’t be bettered. I love the fact that you are flexible in your approach and give a ariety of different suggestions of how to work.”


25 Nov 2020


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Online session
Gabrielle Maddocks


Gabrielle Maddocks
07817 420392


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