Not strictly speaking a Playing Space post – but our founder, Gabi Maddocks, was recently interviewed on The Brownble Podcast about her philosophy of eating, thinking and cooking intuitively!

Gabi also talks about The Playing Space, towards the end of the podcast, and how an open-hearted, non-judgemental approach to navigating life is the link between veganism and her company!

If you are vegan, or vegan-curious, and want to learn more about Gabi’s journey into veganism, then have a listen! Gabi shares some of her experiences with her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and managing it through a vegan diet (understanding that medication is also a part of the journey), and she discusses how her veganism has evolved through time. She talks about imperfection within veganism, practicing intuitive eating as a vegan, navigating having a mixed eating household with kids, and how thinking for yourself within a movement that often wants to speak for you, can heal your relationship with food, connect you with others, and make you even more compassionate and inspirational.